Hamodia: Newspaper watchdog: National Newspaper ‘Misleading’ on Chareidi Kehillah

In a ruling handed down last week, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) upheld an objection lodged by the Interlink Foundation, parent body of the Pinter Trust.

The Interlink Foundation had objected to a February 2021 headline in The Daily Telegraph for its inaccurate reporting of a response offered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to a reporter asking a question about forced marriage.

“Forced marriage in ultra-Orthodox community ‘despicable,’ says Boris Johnson” ran the headline, labelling ‘forced marriage’ as a problem relevant and specifically applicable to the strictly Orthodox (
chareidi) community.

The article also appeared on social media featuring a photograph of several men in strictly Orthodox dress. The Prime Minister’s spokesman had in fact responded by condemning forced marriages in all communities and had not singled out the 
chareidi kehillah at all.

The ruling by IPSO is unequivocal in its condemnation, saying:

“The article suggested as fact that the Prime Minister had condemned the practice within a specific community, which was not the case. This was significantly misleading and required correction.”

The Daily Telegraph, after a process of appeal, was ordered to rectify this misleading reporting by issuing a correction in the printed edition of the paper and


Yoel Friedman, director of public affairs for the Pinter Trust, said, “The ruling has significant meaning to the U.K.’s 
chareidi community and gives further impetus to the Trust’s effort to ensure honest and fair media coverage of the community. In today’s society,

people should be able to trust what they read in the newspaper. Misreporting like this only serves to reinforce the damaging stereotypes which exist and can ignite hatred and abuse against communities like us. The record has now been set straight.”

The Pinter Trust was founded with the aim of providing a credible voice for the 
chareidi community in Britain. This includes engaging with the wider public in a fair, open, and transparent manner.