Lord Mann Visits NW London

(Hamodia and Jewish Tribune Articles)

Lord John Mann, the U.K. government’s independent advisor on antisemitism in the United Kingdom, visited the chareidi kehillah in NW London last Wednesday, on an itinerary hosted and organised by the Pinter Trust.

Lord Mann visited Tiferes Girls High School where he met with Menahel Rabbi Nechemiah Jaffe, Governor David Hirsch, Deputy Headteacher Mrs. Fine and Rebbetzin Hager.

Following the meeting, Lord Mann addressed the pupils in an assembly. He told them about the significance of his work in combatting antisemitism and why it is important to report each and every hate crime, so that the authorities can map a picture and look at ways of addressing it.

A meeting was held at the offices of the Federation of Synagogues in Hendon, attended by Rosh Beis Din Rabbi S.F. Zimmerman, Dayan Y. Posen, Dayan Y.D. Hool, Rabbi Avi Lazarus and Mr. Andrew Cohen. Lord Mann was very interested to hear of the important work of the Federation. The Rabbanim expressed their concern that in some cases, anti-chareidi or anti-Jewish “campaigners” piggyback on communal affairs matters, though that is really a hatred in disguise.

A walkabout on Golders Green Road included visits to local shops, including Kosher Kingdom and Grodz Bakery, during which Lord Mann chatted to shoppers to learn from their experiences of antisemitism

The visit concluded with a roundtable lunch at The Pillar attended by Rabbi Lazarus; Mr. Andrew Cohen; Mr. Adrian Jacobs, Hendon Adath Security Lead; Councillor Dean Cohen; Mr. Benjamin Perl MBE; Mr. Yoel Friedman. Director of Public Affairs Pinter Trust; Mrs. C. Spitz, CEO of Interlink; Mrs. Naomi Lerer, Chair of Noa Girls; Mr. Suchi Levy, Chair of Misaskim NW; and Rabbi S.Y. Davidson of Chaverim Youth.

Yoel Friedman of the Pinter Trust said, “We are incredibly grateful to Lord Mann for his mammoth efforts in combatting antisemitism in the U.K. and beyond. During his visit to the NW London chareidi community, local residents, community leaders and representatives from a number of organisations spoke to him about their experience of antisemitism. At Lord Mann’s request, the Pinter Trust is now preparing a fuller report on how it affects chareidi communities in the U.K. We look forward to working with him on this important issue.”

Federation President Mr. Andrew Cohen remarked, “Lord Mann, in conversation with Rabbi Zimmerman and our Beis Din, demonstrated genuine ahavas Yisrael and concern for the challenges facing our kehillah. We thanked him for his hard work and dedication in calling to account those who wish to perpetrate antisemitism in all its vicious disguises.”

At the roundtable lunch: Lord Mann, Mr Benjamin Perl MBE, Mr Adrian Jacobs, Councillor Dean Cohen, Mr Suchi Levy, Rabbi S. Y. Davidson, Mr Andrew Cohen, Rabbi Avi Lazarus.


Thank you to the Pinter Trust for organising an extremely insightful visit to the community in Golders Green and Hendon. As part of the visit, we met with and spoke to students from Tiferes Girls’ High School, and I am grateful that they shared their perspectives and experiences with us. I would like to thank the community and all those who kindly gave of their time during the visit and for their contribution to the fight against antisemitism. I commend the Pinter Trust for their hard work, and I would urge you all to continue to report incidents of antisemitism wherever they may occur."