Community leader ‘chuffed’ to receive BBC honour for outreach

Community leader ‘chuffed’ to receive BBC honour for outreach

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The BBC has honoured a Canvey Island pioneer for “breaking down barriers and bringing communities together”.

Charedi leader Joel Friedman said he was “well chuffed” to have received the BBC’s ‘Make a Difference’ award.

The honour recognised Friedman’s efforts in building bridges and extending outreach to the wider Essex community in Canvey Island.

His family was one of the first to establish a Charedi community in Canvey back in 2016.  He said he now considers himself the ‘go-to person” in the area. “There’s a lot we can’t do, but there’s so much more we can do; we started this community in Canvey with six families and have now expanded to 105.”

The Jewish  Council of Gateshead tweeted: “Well done @MrJoelFriedman
Your outstanding community activism and @PinterTrust
work is bridging gaps and bringing people closer together.”

Friedman is director of public affairs for Charedi outreach organisation Pinter Trust, which is backed by rabbis and leaders from the Charedi communities in London, Manchester, Gateshead and Essex.