Our Mission

Founded by Interlink Foundation, we are an independent group of Orthodox Jewish leaders and activists acting as a point of contact and a voice for our community’s public affairs and public relations


A Word from our Chair
Rabbi Avrohom Sugarman MBE:

 Welcome to the Pinter Trust

Set up in memory of Rabbi Avrohom Pinter zt”l (of blessed memory), the Pinter Trust seeks to tell the story of the UK Charedi community in its own words.

As a community we are not accustomed to seek external publicity, but so much has been written about us in
recent years that we wish to give people a greater understanding of who we are and our way of life and to showcase some of the work of our communal organisations.  In doing so, we want to be helpful to those looking to find out more about our community and we are committed to working alongside the media, local and central government in order to build constructive partnerships.

Whilst we are an independent project, the initiative was formed after discussion with the leading Charedi rabbinical and lay organisations, from across the UK. We are proud to have received enthusiastic letters of encouragement from the Union of Hebrew Congregation (UOHC), Gateshead Kehilla, Federation of Synagogues, Manchester Beis Din and Machzike Hadas Manchester.

We are guided by a Steering Group which includes individuals from across the community in London, Manchester, Gateshead and Essex.  Together we seek to highlight our excellent charitable and communal initiatives and to provide an accurate and truthful portrayal of who we are and how we live.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we will seek to be as helpful as we can.