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Comprising of leaders from across the UK’s Charedi community, and endorsed by leading Rabbinical bodies, The Pinter Trust, seeks to give the community a voice and broker meaningful partnerships. Read more about us

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We broker constructive and meaningful relationships with Government departments and local councils and officials to ensure that the community’s voice is not only heard, but understood.

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We supply accurate and useful information about our community to anyone wanting to learn more.


We facilitate accessibility to reliable and authoritative spokespeople from our community.

A Thriving UK Community

The Charedi community in the UK is thriving and fast growing

From Gateshead in the north, to Southend and Canvey Island in the south, with the largest concentration in London and Manchester, the Charedi community is a vibrant and integral part of the wider British fabric. Commitment to traditional Torah values, along with strong family and community life, underpin the way people live. A robust system of mutual support is built upon a rich web of voluntary and charitable services, impressive for their innovation, quality and reach.

Understanding and appreciating what makes Charedi life work is paramount to the continued success and wellbeing of the community in the UK. Being part of the Charedi community means remaining relevant and present in an evolving global civilisation whilst proudly preserving our roots and upholding measured conservative values and hard-fought religious freedoms.
We will be engaged in these conversations and continuously work to enhance Charedi life in the UK.

The provision of Charedi education, the supply of Kosher food and the protection of precious religious freedoms are all paramount to the continued success and wellbeing of the community in the UK.

We are here to give those outside our community an insight into our values, our way of life and our impressive communal organisations. We are always happy to speak to others about our community and answer any questions they may have.

The Legacy That Leads Us

Rabbi Avrohom Pinter was a much-loved community leader, widely trusted and respected within and beyond the Charedi community.

He was committed to fostering community cohesion and good relations across communities, and was the ultimate bridge-builder between the members of his community and its neighbours.

Our work is to continue the legacy of Rabbi Pinter. We will provide a voice for the Charedi community, build bridges and connections, and nurture positive and lasting relationships.

The Pinter Trust Commitments

We will act as
a single point of contact
and provide a balanced and accurate view of Charedi current affairs.

We will engage
with local and central government, ensuring consistently open dialogue.

We will strive to
promote positive relationships
between Charedi communities and their neighbours.

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Dear Chaya, Joel and everyone involved in the creation of The Pinter Trust,
I was delighted to hear that you are setting up the Pinter Trust in memory of the late Rabbi Avrohom Pinter.

Having been at the forefront of Hackney’s voluntary and community sector for over two decades in Hackney, I crossed paths with Rabbi Pinter on many occasions.

He was the ultimate bridge builder for the Charedi community, fostering inter-communal understanding, awareness, dialogue and practical local initiatives. His respect and engagement with other religious leaders was second to none in fact.

I am so pleased to learn that there is a determined and organised effort to continue his work.

After many years of working with you to champion the wellbeing of Hackney’s diverse communities, I know personally how well placed you and your colleagues are to carry out this mission. On behalf of everyone at Hackney CVS, I wish you every success.

With warmest wishes
Jake Ferguson
Chief Executive Officer, Hackney CVS

Dear Chaya, Joel and the team

The passing of my friend Rabbi Avrohom Pinter last year was a great blow for many people throughout the country and across the social and political divide. Personally, it was also a source of deep sadness as someone who had known and worked with him over the years.

He was respected not just as an erudite leader but also as an inclusive and compassionate activist. There were many times personally when he would prove an invaluable source of wisdom and encouragement, when his sense of humour and compassion would lift and spur me on.

Rabbi Pinter was known as a great builder of bridges and a cohesive force to be reckoned with. Proudly loyal to his roots and community he was nevertheless able to reach out to anyone he met and find the common purpose.

As a minority group it is vital to have such figures representing and reaching out to all those around and to do so with ease and grace. His larger than life personality enabled him to be a much revered spokesperson one whose warmth and compassion always sought the good in others and the benefit of the whole community.

Such a legacy is a hard one to do justice to and yet having worked with the Interlink team over many years I truly believe they are best placed to do just that

Standing on the firm foundations that Rabbi Pinter has built, the team now have a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of Charedi people in the words of the community itself. The project will be dedicated to building inter-community awareness, dialogue and trust and is vital at this pivotal time in our nation’s history.

I know both the community they represent and all those they come in contact with will be enriched and encouraged by the development of the Trust’s vision and I wish them every success going forward.

May his friendship, memory and lasting legacy be a blessing as you continue this work in his name

Yours sincerely,
Rt Hon David Lammy MP
Member of Parliament for Tottenham

Dear Joel and everyone involved in the creation of the Pinter Trust,

I am so pleased to hear that you are setting up a trust in memory of the late, great Rabbi Avrohom Pinter.

It was obvious what a pillar of strength Rabbi Pinter was to the Charedi community. I saw how he strived for cultivating inter-communal understanding and awareness.

I was particularly impressed when Rabbi Pinter and Chaya Spitz showed me around Yesodey Hatorah School where his work fostered a love of learning and mutual respect amongst students.

I remain grateful to him for the advice and kindness he shared with me in helping me represent Canvey’s thriving Charedi community, and for his patience in explaining his religious beliefs and practices to me.

Having worked with you for a number of years to champion Canvey’s Jewish community, I am confident that you are well placed to establish a determined and organised effort to continue Rabbi Pinter’s work and safeguard his legacy.


Kind regards,
Rebecca Harris MP
Member of Parliament for Castle Point

I’m pleased to hear that there are plans to set up the Pinter Trust to honour the late Rabbi Avrohom Pinter.

I think of him often and we continue to miss him greatly within the Christian community here in Stamford Hill. As the Church of England vicar in a local parish I would turn to Rabbi Pinter for advice or simply an explanation for something that was puzzling me. Sometimes it was a case of “what you always wanted to know about Judaism but were too afraid to ask”.

In an open and generous way, he would explain to me the meaning of a Jewish festival or a community practice and on occasion he would mediate between the local Jewish community and the non-Jewish community where there was a misunderstanding or disagreement.

His explanations typically took the form of a story. Sometimes it took a moment to work out where the story was going but you trusted the storyteller to bring it home and he always did – often with a twinkle in his eye.

What always came across was his love for his tradition and his community. He particularly cared about education and was proud of his pioneering school. He was always pleased to welcome visitors to Yesodey Hatorah and on one occasion hosted a visit for my bishop and a group of leaders from the Diocese of London.

On this occasion he also fitted in a quick tour of Hatzola in Rookwood Road with a photographer and a journalist from one of the Jewish papers. He was an astute politician as well as a learned rabbi and never missed an opportunity to celebrate his community’s achievements. This was why he was such a great ambassador.

Along with Rabbi Gluck we set up the Jewish Christian Forum in Stamford Hill in about 2003. This has been hosted by Interlink for the last few years and it is through Interlink that I have got to know some of the leaders behind this present initiative, in particular Mrs. Chaya Spitz and Mr. Joel Friedman.

I am confident that they will be able to carry forward, in the Pinter Trust, the important storytelling work of their community for greater shared awareness, dialogue and trust. And they will do so in the spirit of the late Rabbi Pinter.

May he rest in peace.

William Campbell-Taylor
The Revd Dr William Campbell-Taylor